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A little about me: I have been a Portland wedding photographer since 2000 and have photographed over 500 Portland weddings. One of the things I love about Portland area is that how many beautiful and unique wedding venues we have around us! We have within one hour Mount Hood with Timberline Lodge or Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast, many parks at the Oregon Coast, Columbia Gorge with Bridal Veil Lakes and Cathedral Ridge Winery and Springhouse Cellars. In Portland, classic and elegant Portland Art Museum and Exchange Ballroom, just to name a few Portland wedding venues. As a wedding photographer, I am like a kid in a candy shop in Portland. My approach to wedding photography is simple. I love to be a visual story teller. I like to document your wedding through my lens and be a conduit to your vision. I love photographing candid images, capturing those fleeting moments that really matter. Of course, I will get your posed shots as well, the family portraits, and I will pose you in the most flattering ways, that is all part of being a good wedding photographer, but the main emphasis will be on telling your wedding day story. In Portland, we have many wedding photographers, especially in the last 5-6 years. I believe that one of the main points that sets my photography apart is the fact that I learned photography first by shooting film and developing in the darkroom. This discipline of pre-visualization and corresponding editing technique, championed by Ansel Adams, is why I believe my wedding photography is classic and modern at the same time, while avoiding being trendy. Wedding photography, like any other photography, should be able to stand the test of time. Being a wedding photographer with over 14 years of experience, I am able to make sure that my brides and grooms are not stressed out if they are running late, or there is rain, or something unexpected comes up. I realized that as I got more experienced, I was able to come up with results even if the conditions are not ideal. I know that when I was a less experienced wedding photographer, I could deal with situations in one of few ways I knew. Now, it is second nature to come up with great wedding pictures, regardless of circumstances. I have often been told, when couples are viewing their wedding pictures, that they were able to see things in their wedding photography that they missed on the wedding day. I noticed that Portland couples are very creative and put a lot of thought in to the details, and I love capturing the many small details. In addition, I am a second set of eyes that is capturing what is happening at different areas, thus I am able to show you things that you might have missed while you were eating dinner, or show different angles, or capture your parents crying while you were doing your first dance.

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I love the look of this little flower girl at the Sellwood Church in Portland, Oregon

Location: Sellwood Church.