November 2007

Associate Coverage Sneak Peak: Rachael and Rainer at Villa Violeta at San Pancho

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 30, 2007

On our last trip to Mexico we had a chance to shoot 4 weddings. This one is part of our associate coverage, and we got some great images at Villa Violeta in San Pancho (San Francisco): Keywords: Mexico Wedding Photographer, San Pancho, Najarit, Nayarit, Villa Violeta, Violetta, San francisco

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Associate Coverage: Brenda & Daniel at Concrete, WA Residence

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 8, 2007

Brenda and Daniel had a very unique ceremony at their residence at beautiful Concrete, Washington. They lit their unity “candle” with giant “match sticks”. Check it out! I am posting this from Mexico from a land line so I have to cut it a bit short but I will let the photos speak for themselves! Friends and family can see the full set of photos …

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