Leah & Tim at the Adrianna Hill Grandballroom

August 29, 2007

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September 2, 2007

Careful of Thieves at Weddings!

August 30, 2007
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Portland is a very relaxed area. WE do not have a very high rate of crime, or too many organized crimes. However, it is very easy to see that weddings are a very easy place to target for thieves. Here are two blog posts about thieves making it a career targeting weddings. They steal money envelopes, gifts, purses from getting ready rooms, and photographer/dj/videographer’s gear. In the event of money and gear, you can sometimes replace it. But the images stolen are not replacable. Most of the times, these people look just like guests.

So be careful. Make sure the gift table is not unattended or at a far away area. Lock the getting ready room or put the purses in a secure area. Photographers/videographers have an assistant watch out for your gear.

wedding crashing thieves

photographers gear stolen