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October 27, 2005

Caroline and Steve’s Wedding

November 6, 2005

Careful with Sony CD’s and software

November 6, 2005
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This is not photo related but is interesting. I missed this when it first came out, but Sony is in hot waters because it installs a virus like program to stop copying music cd’s. The program is poorly written and can crash your computer, or slow it down, not to mention is unethical in the sneaky way it installs itself, much like spyware does. It is also very very hard to remove and might render your cd-rom unusable if you try to remove it. Not to mention DMCA prohibits removing such software. So now you have a software that can crash your sytem or slow it down but it would be illegal for you to remove it. Super (major roll eyes).

It gets worse. Sony is huge. According this Wikipedia article, , they own Arista Records, Columbia Records, Epic Records, J Records, RCA Victor, RCA Records and many more. And they may have this kind of stuff on their DVD’s as well so if you watch a DVD on your laptop, oops.

Washington Post

and more technical article (that started this all)


Frankly there is so little good music out there lately that I do not buy cd’s much anyways. I stick to my 600+ cd collection and iTunes purchases of songs I like. And I will think twice before buying a CD – why risk my computer?