April 2007

Stephanie and Jared at Ixtapa

I met Stephanie and Jared at Joella and Drew’s wedding – we hit it off and they hired me to do their wedding at Ixtapa. It worked out great since I had a wedding a week after theirs in Mexico so I just stayed. The wedding party is mostly skydivers so Jared and his groomsmen skydived to the wedding. One of them almost took me …

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Christine Bridal Portraits at Mexico

The day before Christine’s wedding, we did a session of bridal portraits. Bridal portraits are not very common in Pacific NW but more so in East coast, so I was excited for the opportunity. Christine is also a photographer, so that made it even more fun! Here are some photos, more can be seen here. puerto vallarta, sayulita, mexico, wedding, photographer, photography ¬†

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I almost lost my website

Due to intense travel schedule, before I left town, I forgot to renew my domain. Yup. So one morning last week, I open my website and there was a search engine in it’s place. I had to sit down for couple minutes and felt like all of my energy was sucked down. Luckily, my hosting provider gives 30 day grace period so I was able …

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