Kyla and DeVon’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at Playa Fiesta, Puerto Vallarta

February 14, 2017

Kelley and Jeff’s Snowy Timberline Wedding!

April 26, 2017

A Snowy Lan Su Chinese Garden Wedding

February 18, 2017
Timberline Lodge Wedding

So as we all know – a huge snow storm hit Portland and blanketed the city in 14 inches of snow. That did not stop Cara and Davin from going on with their intimate wedding plans at Lan Su Chinese Gardens. I managed to make it downtown without a lot of trouble, though some sliding around was inevitable. We had a very fun time at the garden, the Gary at the gardens was super helpful. Thank you! Judge Linda Bergman performed the wedding ceremony and Columbia River Strings provided lovely music at both the ceremony and the beginning of the reception. The flowers by Old Town Florist were beautiful as well. The reception was close by at Wilf’s Restaurant at the Union Station. Couple hired Haley Horsfall Quintet for lovely jazz music for the evening. Cara and Davin bonded over wine when they met and they are really big wine lovers. There was lots of good wine and food by Wilf’s Restaurant was amazing! Enjoy these unique snow wedding pictures in Portland!