Blues Dance

High Definition Blues Dancing Video with Canon 5d MkII

I have been very interested in shooting video for some time now. I actually want to go into directing at one point in the future. So I decided to do some videography, photographing my favorite subject matter: dance and dancers! This particular video was shot at a Portland Blues Dance party. I love low light photography, so low light video is a perfect fit. Here …

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Portland Lindy Exchange – Day 3 at Portland McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

This is the photographs from the 3rd day of the Portland Lindy Exchange at the Crystal Ballroom, one of my favorite places ever. There was lots of swing dancing, lindy hop, balboa and blues dancing. You can order prints from this shopping cart: It even allows you to buy digital files (for personal usage only).

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Blues Dance Birthday at Lenora’s Room in Portland 8/12/2008

Portland Wedding Photographer - August 18, 2008

Last Tuesday was the “birthday” of blues dancing in Portland at Lenora’s room.  Lots of people showed and it was a very fun night. I took some pictures in between dancing – or more like danced in between taking photos. As I mentioned in my previous Blues Dance picture post, these are darker to reflect the ambiance of the room. To see  the full set, …

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Blues Dance in Portland’s Lenora’s Room 8/05/2008

Portland Wedding Photographer - August 13, 2008

I am doing more dance photography lately, especially of Portland’s growing blues dance scene. It helps me explore different styles of photography, try out new techniques, and make new connections. I try not to use any flash for the blues scene as it kills the mood. So some of these are darker than normal, but that is how the ambiance was. Taking pictures of fast …

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