McMenamins Crystal Ballroom

Swing 500 at Crystal Ballroom

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 21, 2015

Portland swing dance scene used to bring 1000 dancers to the Crystal Ballroom during the swing dance boom era. Larry Peacock put on a dance couple days ago to bring back swing dancing to Crystal Ballroom and it was fantastic. Portland Rhythm Shakers performed wonderful routines. I went for dancing but brought my camera to take some non flash pictures. Enjoy!    

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Crystal Ballroom Wedding of Nicole and Sean

Portland Wedding Photographer - December 7, 2011

Nicole and Sean’s wedding at Portland Crystal Ballroom was a lot about music. Sean is a sound engineer and they due to music, as such, music is a big part of their life. Their wedding reflected that! They had records as place mats, music posters printed for their wedding, and custom drum sticks as favors.  Crystal Ballroom is a really fun venue and I love …

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Cheri and Dock at Crystal Ballroom

This was a very fun wedding to shoot! Cheri and Dock are great people. They recently went through a very hard time with Cheri’s mom passing. But it seemed like it brought all the family together. It was a very touching wedding throughout. The reception was at the Crystal Ballroom, my favorite place to dance! I have been looking forward to shooting there for a …

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