Private: KT and Erik’s Camp Colton Wedding

Portland Wedding Photographer - January 17, 2006

Swing dancing at the Crystal!

Portland Wedding Photographer - January 23, 2006

I got a new chair!

Portland Wedding Photographer - January 23, 2006
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I work in front of computers quite a bit so I want to make sure to take care of my body. I am finishing up an office space and when I do, I will make sure it is as ergonomic as possible with the right table heights etc.

As importantly, I need a good chair. Stuff I got from Office Depot is ok, but frankly they do not provide any real support.

I wanted to get a new chair for a while so I did some research. Herman Miller Aeron’s get good reviews but boy they are expensive and hard to find. I also read the following article and looked at couple other places:

Some couterpoints about Herman Miller Aeron.

so I decided to look for a used Leap and found one!

I got the blue one:

I am very excited (silly me!)