The Loft at 8th Ave. by Vibrant Table Catering

Tricia and Taylor’s Wedding at OMSI

The Loft at 8th Ave. - Vibrant Table Catering & Events

What a stylish and lovely couple Tricia and Taylor are! I had never shot a wedding at OMSI before, which is rare after shooting 500 weddings. I had often gone to OMSI After Dark and being an engineer by training I am a huge fan of anything science based so I was very happy to hear that their ceremony was at OMSI. We started the day at their residence, with their children and their puppy, and then headed to the ceremony. Taylor looked great in his suit and Triciawith her amazing hats from John Helmer haberdasher. I am a huge fan of hats in general, and she looked lovely in hers! The dinner reception  for this very intimate wedding was at Clark Lewis, an esteamed Portland restaurant I had been and wanted to see again. What a lovely, classy place and the service staff was fantastic. Special thanks to officiant Linda Bergman and wonderful florist Star Flowers (a block away from my office!).