Alison and Zach’s Wedding

September 25, 2005

LaTosha and Mark’s Wedding at Abernethy Center, Oregon City

September 29, 2005

Private: Swing Dance at Nocturnal

September 27, 2005
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Leah and Angie teaching

I have been swing dancing for 10 years, I do east coast (jitterbug), lindy hop and some west coast and salsa. Due to my insanely busy schedule I have not been going out much over the last year so it was great to go out with my friends Dharma and his wife Kerry to Nocturnal, an all ages venue that does swing dances on Sunday nights. They have beginner dance lessons thought by talented Leah and Angie so if you never done swing dancing, you get a free lesson too! Very fun.

Boy, I was rusty! I think I will start going out again at least once a week.

Here is the place to go for swing dancing community in Portland:
The rest of the photos are here.