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Thanksgiving Donation!

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 23, 2005
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Every year I try to donate to Oregon food bank near Thanksgiving. There are so many people who work full time and still can’t afford food for their family, so as part of thanking for the things I am given, I try to help. A little reminder always helps for me, so I thought I would do the same here.

If you can afford to, please donate to your local food bank this Thanksgiving! Esp. after the Hurricanes, food prices have increased not to mention fuel prices that makes it harder for the needy. Think about how much you will spend on black Friday sales and even a tiny amount of that will make a difference for a lot of people!

Our food bank is:

Here is a link that has some state by state listing, but the best bet is to search Google with state name + food bank

State by State listing

make a difference! 🙂 Please spend couples seconds and click on the food bank link above and make a small donation, even $10-25 whatever!

Did You Know

* One in four people in a soup kitchen line is a child.
* 30% of the families surveyed were forced to choose between buying food and paying for medical care or medicine.
* Nearly 15% of the total households served by the America’s Second Harvest Network reside in rural areas.
* Four million non-elderly low-income families said they had used a food pantry at least once during the past year.

The largest, and longest running study of hunger in America shows last year nearly half of the people using food-shelves were working, many at full time jobs