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July 17, 2008

Bridal Fashion Shoot in Istanbul

July 11, 2008
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While I was in Istanbul, I wanted to do some bridal shots that feature this beautiful old city.

I used some connections and met with a model and a fashion house. The gowns and dresses are from Catwalk Moda Evi on Bagdat Street in Istanbul, model is Arzu Yonak (who is available for photo shoots in USA as well as Turkey), and hair and make up is by Ece. It was fun to go around in historic Istanbul and get some fun shots. I had very limited equipment with me for this shoot but I am very pleased with the results. We went to Aya Sofya (Hagia Sofia), Bogazici (Bosphorus), and Ortakoy areas, as well as the castles (“surlar” area). Here are the pictures from my Istanbul shoot:

Near Aya Sofya (Hagia Sofia)

aya sofya hagia sofia picture resim fashion pictures

Ortakoy, Bosphorus

Istanbul bogaz bogazici resimleri pictures manken

turkiye turkish turk manken ve moda resmi pictures

In front of a historic konak
Istanbul pictures resimleri tarihi istanbul model moda

In front of Hagia Sofia

Istanbul hagoa sofia pictures manken fashion moda model

On top of historic defensive walls (surlar) surrounding the city

Istanbul tarihi istanbul surlari pictures resimleri

View of Karakoy and Topkapi Museum at the back

Istanbul Turkiye Model resimleri Fashion Pictures featuring Topkapi Museum and Bosphorus

Ortakoy Camii (Ortakoy Mosque)

Turkiey Turkish Fashion Photography and Photographer Moda Fotografcisi

Istanbul pictures resimleri tarihi istanbul model moda