Help Keep Internet Fair!

Today I read that house passed COPE, that if Senate agrees as well, will kill Net Neurality. Internet which sparked amazing innovations is under attack. Net Neutrality ensures that all users can access the content or run the applications and devices of their choice. With Net Neutrality, the network’s only job is to move data — not choose which data to privilege with higher quality …

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Car Buying is Frustrating

We are in the market for an inexpensive small sedan with decent gas mileage for everyday tasks. I am looking around and some people are so unrealistic. The problem is – they make other people unrealistic too. You can get a brand new one for 16K but the 2 year used one with 40K miles is $14K. Or Dick Hannah Kia listed a 2004 Hyundai …

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Update on Paypal

Portland Wedding Photographer - February 23, 2006

Those who are following my Paypal story, here is an update. Finally they responded and returned the funds to the buyer under their seller protection policy. Go figure. The buyer never complained, it was a legitimate transaction… Oh well. I will never use Paypal again. I recommend you do the same.

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Be Very Careful with Paypal!

Portland Wedding Photographer - February 16, 2006

I sold a camera to one of my good friends. He paid me through paypal. Suddently Paypal thinks there is something fishy about this transaction. Nevermind that he never complained. Nevermind that I have done MANY transactions through Paypal over 3 or so years. So they froze the funds. Great. There is no real way to reach them. You are on hold for 2 hours. …

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Careful when buying cameras

Portland Wedding Photographer - February 11, 2006

I sometimes get emails from my clients asking if so and so price is a good deal from a certain retailer. They are usually hundreds of dollars less than average selling price of these cameras or lenses. Remember the old saying? If it is too good to be true…. This is the case with most camera dealers that offer very low prices. This article sums …

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I got a new chair!

Portland Wedding Photographer - January 23, 2006

I work in front of computers quite a bit so I want to make sure to take care of my body. I am finishing up an office space and when I do, I will make sure it is as ergonomic as possible with the right table heights etc. As importantly, I need a good chair. Stuff I got from Office Depot is ok, but frankly …

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