Interesting Google Bug – Google Shows Only One Business Listing

Portland Wedding Photographer - October 15, 2009

If you used to type “Portland Wedding Photographer” in Google, one would get a list of 7 photographers next to the map due to Google Local Business search feature. Now it only shows one company. What is odd is that particular company does not even have a optimized web page.  Not sure why Google picks that one, or the one for another spamming web page, …

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No Need to leave Studio For Weddings Anymore!

Portland Wedding Photographer - September 29, 2008

Good friend Josh Johnston pointed this ebay auction below. Maybe I don’t have to leave my studio to shoot a wedding anymore? Thanks Josh! Canon Mirror Lens 5200mm 1:14 This is the only ultra-telephoto lens in the world capable of taking photographs of objects 18 to 32 miles away (30km to 52kms away). Having a focal length of 5200mm, Canon Mirror Lens 5200mm can obtain …

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Free Books

I am doing spring cleaning and getting rid of two books: Professional Photoshop 5 – The classic guide to color correction (the techniques in this book apply to any version of Photoshop) Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for Photographers (w/disc) – again most techniques here apply to any version of Photoshop let me know if you want these – come and pick them up!

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Careful of Thieves at Weddings!

Portland Wedding Photographer - August 30, 2007

Portland is a very relaxed area. WE do not have a very high rate of crime, or too many organized crimes. However, it is very easy to see that weddings are a very easy place to target for thieves. Here are two blog posts about thieves making it a career targeting weddings. They steal money envelopes, gifts, purses from getting ready rooms, and photographer/dj/videographer’s gear. …

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