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APTA Conference & Trade Show at Oregon Convention Center

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Attendees including special needs transport users react to a trade show booth at American Public Transit Association Trade show and Conference

Public transportation is dear to my heart as I utilized many different forms growing up in Istanbul and when I travel. When I was approached to the APTA Mobility Conference in Portland at their Portland conference photographer, I was honored and excited to be a part of the conference! The multi day conference and trade show was hosted by TriMet at Oregon Convention Center. The conference included many days of fun activities like the Bus Rodeo, break out sessions, panels, and demonstrations! TriMet and other public transportation associations attended and gave presentations. Locally TriMet was represented by the leadership team such as Sam Desue, Jr., JC Vannatta, Andrew Wilson, John Gardner etc.

As a Portland conference photographer, I love being part of such diverse events. I get to meet exciting groups of people, learn new ideas, technologies and exciting developments. This was no different. I was really intrigued by the unique safety challenges of the hybrid / electrical buses and also how post COVID, the challenging safety issues that TriMet and other public transportation agencies are dealing with. (ps. If you are curious, check out this Trimet FX2 Line Opening event from 2 years ago!)

Portland’s Oregon Convention Center is a beautiful and versatile location to host conferences of many sizes and trade shows, in fact, multiple events can happen at the same time! I was also able to photograph the TriMet Powell Garage, and also attendees enjoying the many amenities the convention center and Portland has to offer!

Portland is such a lovely city and since COVID times, has been investing to make visitors and tourists have a great time. I asked what makes Portland’s Oregon Convention Center unique, and here are some responses I gathered. Enjoy the photographs and consider us for your event and convention photography!

Portland and Oregon Convention center offers several benefits depending on your specific needs and goals:

  1. Space and Capacity: The Oregon Convention Center is one of the largest event venues in the Pacific Northwest, offering over 255,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space. This ample space can accommodate large-scale events, exhibitions, conferences, and conventions.
  2. Versatile Facilities: The venue is equipped with versatile meeting rooms, ballrooms, and exhibit halls that can be configured to suit various types of events, from trade shows to corporate meetings to gala dinners.
  3. Technical Capabilities: The Oregon Convention Center is equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring that your event can incorporate sophisticated presentations, live streaming, and other digital features seamlessly.
  4. Location and Accessibility: Located in Portland, Oregon, the convention center is easily accessible from downtown and Portland International Airport. Its central location makes it convenient for attendees traveling from different parts of the city or out of town.
  5. Support Services: The venue offers comprehensive event planning and management services, including catering, security, and logistical support. This can significantly reduce the burden on event organizers and ensure smooth operations during the event.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Hosting an event at the Oregon Convention Center can enhance networking opportunities due to its ability to attract a diverse range of attendees, exhibitors, and speakers from various industries and regions.
  7. Image and Prestige: Utilizing a well-known venue like the Oregon Convention Center can enhance the perceived value and prestige of your event. It signals to attendees and stakeholders that your event is significant and professionally organized.
  8. Customization and Branding: The venue allows for branding opportunities and customization of event spaces, helping you create a unique and memorable experience for your attendees.
  9. Sustainability: The Oregon Convention Center is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and has achieved LEED Platinum certification. Renting this venue aligns your event with environmentally friendly practices, which may appeal to environmentally conscious attendees and sponsors.
  10. Local Attractions: Being in Portland, Oregon, the convention center is surrounded by a vibrant city with cultural attractions, dining options, and entertainment venues. This can enhance the overall experience for attendees who may wish to explore the city during their visit.

Oregon Convention Center Trade Show
APTA Mobility Conference hosted by TriMet Trade Show
Oregon Convention Center Conference trade show Photography
Various products and promotional giveaways at the Oregon Convention Center Conference Center
Portland Conference Photographer at Oregon Convention Center Conference trade show
Vendor Booths at the APTA Mobility Conference Trade Show
Participants Enjoying Themselves at the Oregon Convention Center
Oregon Convention Center Conference trade show Photography
Oregon Convention Center Conference trade show Photography
Oregon Convention Center trade show Photographer
Oregon Convention Center Conference trade show Photography
Two Attendees Having a Conversation by Portland Conference Photographer
TriMet General Manager Sam Desue Jr chatting with attendees at the Oregon Convention Center
APTA Trade Show Vendor is Talking with Attendees by Portland Convention Photographer
Attendees with Disabilities Enjoying APTA Mobility Conference
APTA Mobility Conference Breakout Session
A Q&A Session Speaker by Portland Conference Photographer at Oregon Convention Center
A panel of speakers at the Oregon Convention Center
Panelists take questions from attendees at APTA Mobility Conference
Portland Conference and Convention Photography