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Senior Pictures at Luscher Farm and Produce Row!

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High School Senior Picture!

Senior pictures are some of my favorite photoshoots! Every year we get a lot of young people to photograph and each high school senior is unique and I love capturing their personality, hobbies. I also try to capture a photo of them with their parents as a Thank you as well if they are present! Here are two amazing high school seniors – I photographed Laura at Luscher Farms in Lake Oswego, a lovely public community garden and fields! The sunset was gorgeous. And Daniel’s pictures were at the Produce Row area in Portland. The two settings show such a variety! Enjoy these senior pictures! (and if you are looking for studio portraits, check out this studio portrait session!

I really appreciate parents who invest in their high schooler’s photographs. I think they are a great way to celebrate the achievements of these young people and also a great heirloom investment to enjoy. I like to show each senior’s personality, hobbies and their character. Often in the same area we can find many different looks!

Taking high school senior photos is a wonderful opportunity to capture this important milestone in a person’s life. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Natural Outdoor Settings: Choose a scenic outdoor location such as a park (Portland metro area has so many!), beach (Cannon Beach?), or a garden with blooming flowers.
  2. Urban Settings: Utilize city streets, graffiti walls, or interesting architectural backgrounds for a more urban and contemporary look.
  3. Sports or Hobbies: Incorporate sports equipment or items related to hobbies or interests that the senior is passionate about. For example, a musician with their instrument, or an athlete with their gear.
  4. Formal Wear: Classic senior portrait style with the senior dressed in formal attire, such as a suit or a formal dress, often taken in a studio setting.
  5. Casual and Relaxed: Capture the senior in casual outfits that reflect their everyday style, perhaps in a familiar neighborhood or hangout spot.
  6. Seasonal Themes: Use the season as a backdrop – for example, fall leaves, winter snow, spring blossoms, or summer sunshine.
  7. With Family or Pets: Include family members or pets in some of the photos to capture the support system and relationships that have been important during high school.
  8. Graduation Props: Incorporate graduation-related props like a cap and gown, a diploma, or books to symbolize the completion of high school.
  9. Creative Perspectives: Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and compositions to add variety and interest to the photos.
  10. Group Photos: If possible, include friends or classmates for some group shots to commemorate the friendships made during high school.
  11. Candid Moments: Capture natural, unposed moments that reflect the senior’s personality and character.
  12. Reflective and Symbolic: Take photos in locations that hold personal significance or have symbolic meaning for the senior, such as a place where they spent a lot of time during high school.

Remember, the most important aspect of senior photos is to capture the essence of the individual and this important time in their life. Choosing locations and styles that resonate with their personality and interests will result in photos that are meaningful and memorable.

Portland’s Produce Row

Senior Pictures at Portland

Portland High School Senior Photographer

High School Senior Portraits!

Luscher Farms

High School Senior Pictures at Luscher Farms

Portraits at Luscher Farms at Lake Oswego

High School Senior Portraits!
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Senior Pictures at Luscher Farms
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