November 2014

Kat and Armen’s Wedding at Kennedy School

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 28, 2014
Bulldog at Wedding at McMenamins Kennedy School

I love McMenamins weddings. The couples that tend to book such unique and Portland venues tend to be easy going and fun! Kat and Armen were no different! In this wedding at McMenamins Kennedy School, they bought their puppies to the wedding, had a unity wine (that they made!), lots of (very good) whisky, and in the middle of the reception, Armen surprised everyone when …

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Amy and Dan’s Wedding at Springhouse Cellar Winery at Hood River!

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 13, 2014
Springhouse Cellar Wedding of Amy and Dan

It is always a great honor to photograph good friend’s weddings. I have known Amy and Dan for years from swing dancing, and they are a super cute couple. They planned a lot of the details with help of friends, and decided to utilize Springhouse Cellar Winery at Hood River, Columbia Gorge. Of course no dancer would be complete without a great band so they …

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Margot and Juan’s Super Fun Venezuelan Wedding at Oregon Golf Club!

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 11, 2014
Oregon Golf Club Wedding

In Venezuela, there comes a time in the wedding when all fun breaks loose. La Hora Loca is a party within a party, and to bring a high energy transition to the dance part of the reception from the more traditional first part of the reception! It is a no holds barred party where everybody dances like crazy. Well, this wedding was no different and …

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Denisse and Craig’s Beautiful Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast Wedding!

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 10, 2014

I have known Denisse and Craig for years and we have been good friends. I was very excited when she told me they were getting married and was honored to hear they wanted me to be their photographer! Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast is one of my favorite places in Oregon to shoot. Such wonderful view, and owners are great people. They upgraded their property …

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A Fun Bar Mitzvah at Portland World Trade Center!

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 2, 2014
Portland Bar Mitzvah Photographer

We love being part of Portland Bar Mitzvahs! They are lots of fun, very emotional and touching and high energy! This Portland  Bar Mitzvah at Portland World Trade Center was no different! And lots of fun little touches like Salt and Straw ice cream, custom drawn hats, lots of sweets, and Sam was singing on his guitar as well! Enjoy! If you have friends who …

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April and Todd’s Multnomah Falls Lodge Wedding

Portland Wedding Photographer - November 2, 2014

As most of you know, Multnomah Falls is a very popular destination in Portland area! Most people go to see the majestic Multnomah Falls, but there is a very good restaurant there called the Multnomah Falls Lodge that is really good and they do private events as well. Even though it is usually packed, we were able to get some great portraits for April and …

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